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Author Title Year Description
Sol LEWITT EMBLEMATA 2000 90 copies, signed and numbered in the colophon, each with 15 sheets made as monotypes.

Comes with 2 signed sheets, sheet no. 1 and sheet no. 4.

Size: cm 34 x 61 x 3

The book “Emblemata” by Sol Lewitt is part of the Emblemata collection, which Edizioni Essegi Ravenna devotes  to the dialogue with artists and contemporary authors.

The book consists of 15 plates created with the monotype technique at studio Lucarini-Berretta, Urbino. 

The oily colors are applied on the plate with a roller, and are then worked with a paintbrush, on the plate itself, before the impression.

The paper used is Fabriano artistico 600 gr.

The cover sheets for each plate are Fedrigoni usomano 190 gr. 

The writings on the frontispiece and colophon, as well as the parts impressed on the box, were screen-printed by Atelier Pucella, Bologna.

The edition of “Emblemata” has a run of 90 copies, numbered and signed by Sol Lewitt in the colophon: 
seventy copies with Arabic numerals (1 to 70) and twenty copies, reserved for the author, with Roman numerals (I to XX).

Sol Lewitt has also chosen 2 plates and signed them. 

Each of these plates bears the writing  “Emblemata, plate no.” on its back. 

The book was finished in July 2000.

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