SIXWALK Richard Lon

SIXWALK Richard Long



Presentation – Exhibition in Museums / Foundations  /Institutions.

Tate Modern  London  2009 

Author Title Year Description
Richard LONG




2006 90 copies, numbered, signed and stamped (Korean seal) in the colophon.
1 page contains an original work by the artist (fingerprints made with mud from the river Avon) 
Hard cover. 
Hand bound
Size: cm 47,7×31,7
The book “Six Walks” by Richard Long, published by Edizioni Essegi, Ravenna, consists in:
1 front sheet, with a silk-screen background, on which the author put his fingerprints with mud from the river Avon,
and continues with 6 lithographic images of walks Richard Long took through Dartmoor, with silk-screen English and Italian parallel texts.
The paper is Graphia Bianca Liscia gr 290, produced by Cartiere Sicars, Catania.
The lithographic work was produced by Tipografia Garattoni, Rimini. 
The silk-screen work is by Atelier Pucella, Bologna. 
The binding was made by Legatoria Universo, Ravenna.
The translations are by Elisabetta Zoni. 
The edition of “Six Walks” has a run of 90 copies: 
70 copies with Arabic numerals (1 to 70), 20 with Roman numerals (I to XX), reserved for the author.
Richard Long signed and numbered each book at the end.
The book was printed in July 2006.  

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The book can be complemented by: 
Etching/aquatint by Richard Long  “Senza Titolo” cm 56,5 x 76,5 on Arches gr 310 paper
70 copies with Arabic numerals + XX copies with Roman numerals,
all signed and numbered by the author.
N.B. Each book has an etching/aquatint with corresponding numbering

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