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The works that form Cantata Bluia libro dore were handmade by Pier Paolo Calzolari and Pierre Thoretton; only two works were created as prints, a lithograph and a silk-screen print, and one of them bears handmade interventions.

The text by Bruno Corà, complete with French and English translations, was signed at the end by the author in all book copies;
the typographic part is printed on Vergella Magnani.

The French text printed on the last page is by Pier Paolo Calzolari.
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SOLLEWITEMBLEMATA - Sol LewittThe book “Emblemata” by Sol Lewitt is part of the Emblemata collection, which Edizioni Essegi Ravenna devotes  to the dialogue with artists and contemporary authors.

The book consists of 15 plates created with the monotype technique at studio Lucarini-Berretta, Urbino. 

The oily colors are applied on the plate with a roller, and are then worked with a paintbrush, on the plate itself, before the impression.

The paper used is Fabriano artistico 600 gr.
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The book “Six Walks” by Richard Long, published by Edizioni Essegi, Ravenna, consists in:

1 front sheet, with a silk-screen background, on which the author put his fingerprints with mud from the river Avon,
and continues with 6 lithographic images of walks Richard Long took through Dartmoor, with silk-screen English and Italian parallel texts.

The paper is Graphia Bianca Liscia gr 290, produced by Cartiere Sicars, Catania.

The lithographic work was produced by Tipografia Garattoni, Rimini. 

The silk-screen work is by Atelier Pucella, Bologna.
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BOETTI A4BOETTI A4 by Annemarie Sauzeau is part of the Emblemata Collection by Edizioni Essegi, Ravenna. 

The book contains an essay by Annemarie Sauzeau and an interview the author did with Hans Ulrich Obrist.

The color out-text pictures reproduce 10 Extra Strong by Alighiero Boetti.
The b/w images within the texts reproduce works by Alighiero Boetti or moments in his life. 

The paper types used are Fedrigoni Tatami, ivory and white, gr. 150; Revive white offset gr. 140. 

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